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 I have used sarcasm for a long while.  It is my defense mechanism.  I wonder when I'll stop needing defense mechanisms.  Probably when awesome kicks into the picture.

By the way, despite working through whatever problems I have, I still remain positive and I do experience quite a lot of joy in my life.  I love and adore and know that I am loved and adored by the people who matter the most to me, and who I know will not abandon me when I need them the most.  For whatever my family says that friends cannot be wholly trusted as they are not blood related, I stake a lot of trust in my friends because the feeling is mutual.  And maybe I set myself up for a lot of vulnerabilities, but I also set myself up for many awesome times.

To further drive the point home, I will be moving in with two of the most loving people on the face of this planet next fall, and the legends our shenanigans will inspire will be EPIC.  There will be dinner parties and badminton nets and boy-conspiracies, and hotpot.  I'll be living my life filled with laughter.  Maybe I'll take a risk and tell someone I want to share in their joy and silliness, maybe I will be happy with where I am and satisfied with just being their friend and partaking in their life that way.  In any case, even if I am a bit short on funds, I want to be able to do a silly dance around the house when the moment seizes me.

Speaking of which, Glee is on tonight!  :)  
So I figure that if I updated LJ ten days before I begin my journey to graduate school, it'll keep you guys in the loop.  I was going to write a detailed journal about it all, but I'm just not feeling it.  :P  Perhaps it'll all just come out if I don't even try.

Or maybe not.

May. 21st, 2008

For y'all who remember them Kimpachi Sensei shows:

Now done in Fantavision.

That is all.
I have to share. 


I cannot be the only one who remembers this stuff.  I LOVED THIS GAME.  Because i'm a huge nerdbag, but whatever.  Those Troggles scared me.


This is my life every time I walk into music center.  I kid you not.  Switch that guitar with that violin I have been absolutely lusting for the past six months.  UAGHHHHHHHH WHY DID IT GET SOLD.

Jun. 6th, 2007


McKinley's graduation on Sunday made realize how bloody short I am.
passthesky chose the letter "J" in this music meme.  So here's five of my songs that start with that letter!

Jellybones- The Unicorns
Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity- Gustav Holst
Just About Enough- Sarina Paris
Just Want You To Know -Backstreet Boys
Jesus of Suburbia- Green Day
Just Around the Riverbend- Judy Kuhn

Wanna letter?  Comment!


Stressed, but it's okay.

Frannie, Jenn, Alec, thanks a million for being there for me.

Especially Alec.  I was feeling kind of angry last night, and he called me.  Which was a godsend, because I needed someone to listen to me.  Not that unusual, but still.

Oh.  I figured out I have a self-esteem problem.  Yay!